Webcams. Amur and Timur in russian zoo

In december 22, 2015 year, at a zoo in Russia (Vladivostok) in the cage the tiger named Amur let the goat Timur. Timur had become dinner Amur. But to the surprise of employees of the zoo, goat showed no fear, and the tiger did not see in it a sacrifice. On this night, the tiger has conceded his place to sleep, and he slept in the rain. This story was told in the media and a couple of friends bought wildly popular. Administration of the zoo had to install webcams in the aviary. Amur and Timur are friends to this day. You have the opportunity to see them online through one of the four webcams. At night the broadcast comes with infrared illumination, day in full color. But do not forget that time in the safari park, home to the Amur Timur and may differ from yours. At the moment, there:

Amur and Timur released into the aviary at 10:00 local time

Cam 1     Cam 2     Cam 3     Cam 4